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    All clubs need personalized plastic membership cards to enhance their image. Many small clubs still rely on paper membership cards, or old-fashioned peel-stick-and-laminate photo-card systems, which does not promote a professional image like plastic membership cards promotes.

    With a Zebra card printer and an appropriate digital camera and any desktop publishing software, any club can now take efficient control of its member database, etc and make a very strong promotional statement through the excellence of the full color plastic membership card design.

    Membership cards were designed to be carried in a purse or bill-fold, where space is limited. The status and success of the club will be greatly enhanced by a well designed and colorful card design with a high quality portrait, all of which is printed on the plastic membership card by a Zebra card printer.

    Members are your ambassadors for the club, why not give your ambassadors the best image possible; plastic membership cards. A well-designed plastic membership card is a benefit and not a cost. Using a Zebra card printer and any publishing software, you can give your ambassadors the best possible image.

    Some clubs may need data encoded onto their membership cards and the Zebra card printers can be supplied in a format to handle all data encoding needs, including bar codes, mag stripe, and contact or contact free smart cards.

    • V.I.P Membership Cards
    • Membership Preferred Entry
    • Membership Status
    • Membership Access Control
    • ID Badges
    • Pos Server Card
    • Discount Card

    Contact us for more information on Zebra card printers, plastic membership cards as well as all our other products offered by CDN Print Plastic.

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