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Innovative Photo ID Card Software

Incorporating an advanced information management platform, database connectivity, design and automation tools, ID Flow offers more productivity and flexibility to users than any other solution available in the market. ID Flow is Jolly Technologies innovative, new ID software solution for the management and printing of secure ID cards for small businesses to large enterprises.

The ID Flow Advantage

Getting Started Is Easy
Get up and running in a matter of a few minutes with the step-by-step guided setup wizard or choose from a wide variety of samples.

Seamless Integration
Directly connect to any existing database via a live connection and integrate with existing ERP, HR, and Access Control databases without any importing, exporting or mapping of data. Print cards in the background from a third party or web application using the command line utility.

Configurable Database Layout
Improve productivity with efficient design and layout tools, auto-configured data entry, flexible information navigation and search tools, batch printing and real-time database updates.

Unmatched Graphic Design
Utilize precise positioning tools, advanced graphics styles and effects and unmatched data formatting & layout tools together with powerful barcode rendering options to produce high quality photo ID cards.

Exact color matching and flexible image background removal utilities are included. Add design layers with database print conditions and opacity options to automate card printing and dramatically increase print accuracy.

Enhanced Security
Protect designs with passwords, specify access rights for each design, and define user roles to make printing and data management secure.

Features Command-line tool
International character set support
Transparency and Layers
Double-sided design
Duplex printing
File password protection
Conditional object printing
Black (K) panel printing
User accounts and access privileges
Print documents in one easy step
Batch file processing
Select records using SQL statements
Comprehensive print options
Log file support
Integrates with other applications
Image Acquisition Support Security Features
Digital camera support
Webcam support
Flatbed scanner support
Insert image files
Image editor for enhancing and automatic cropping of images
Save images as files or directly to database
Magnetic stripe
Watermark effect
1D and 2D Barcodes
Printer Support Database Support
Zebra / Eltron
Matica Chica
Microsoft Access, Excel, FoxPro
Microsoft SQL Server
Text / CSV
ODBC and OLE DB support
Integrated standalone database
Built-in database editor
Networking and data sharing support
Photo database management
Automatic image compression
View / Hide database fields
Barcode Symbologies Label Stock and Media
PDF417 - 2D Barcode
Data Matrix - 2D Barcode
CODE-39 FULL ASCII - Code 3 of 9 Extended
CODE-128 - Code A, B, C
Predefined, searchable template library containing more than 2,500 label and card stock
Avery label and card stock
PVC cards - CR80, CR90, CR100, more
Barcode Options Data Automation Features
Exact bar width specification
Exact wide-to-narrow bar ratio specification
Bar reduction option
Fixed data source
Variable data source - database, counter, and print-time
Manual Code Feeding
Auto-incrementing database fields
Serial numbers - decimal, alphabetical, alpha-numeric, scientific, more
Date and Time fields
Form fields for print-time manual data feeding
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