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Clear cards are a fast growing trend!  We offer clear plastic cards, transparent cards, translucent cards and frosted cards, or frosted lexan with many printing options. 

Top 10 Benefits of CLEAR Plastic Business Cards

  1. Instead of being thrown away they are passed on to 
    new clients.
  2. Stand out from your competition
  3. Create buzz about your business
  4. Create a Lasting First Impression
  5. Make your business more money!
  6. Make a Strong Marketing Statement
  7. Give your business much needed attention!
  8. Capture and hold your customers attention.
  9. Quickly pay for itself by increasing your sales.
  10. Display the uniqueness of your product.


Clear cards offer a very unique, "style", "image" and are often regarded as very prestigious.  Clear cards (PVC, or frosted PVC) make a statement and are popular in gift card, VIP, and business card applications.  Due to the unique nature of printing, there are certain limitations and restrictions when printing on clear cards.  A CDN Print Plastic sales rep will be happy to discuss your needs and how printing on clear, can be acheived.

Please call our customer care department for more information - 1.877.236.7746

- Unique business cards
- unique VIP, preferred customer discount card
- Gauges, measurement cards
- Gift cards
- Realty business cards
   Frosted Lexan

 Clear cards by CDN Print Plastic     Clear Gift cards


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